Calvary Baptist Church
Sunday, November 19, 2017
Developing passionate followers of Christ

Phil and Wendy Baker

     Phil and Wendy enjoy serving at Calvary in Family Ministries.  We met and dated at Texas A&M University and were married after a joy filled year in 1987.  The Lord has blessed us with six children and our first son-in-law.  Phil serves full-time at Pine Cove Christian Camps as the Chief Advancement Officer while Wendy works at Calvary with the Venture and Bridgemark Center ministries. Venture is a home school ministry and Bridgemark is a school designed to minister to students with learning differences.  
     The Baker family created an acronym that we use to stay focused:  B is for Believers in Jesus, A is for Aliens (this is not our home), K is for Keepers of the Faith, E is for Encouragers, R is for Relational, and S is for Servants.  We would encourage you to have a family meeting and use your last name to create an acronym together that defines your family.  Family is always an adventure and full of love and sacrifice.  We love how the Lord uses families to develop and shape our character.  It isn't always easy to hold a family together but we are here to help and to provide resources and the encouragement that you may need.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need some assistance. We would encourage you to visit the Cornerstone area at the back of the Calvary Sanctuary for more information as well. You can also visit the FaithPath information on this website for information on leading your children. Our email is .