Calvary Cornerstone

Calvary Cornerstone is dedicated to teaching and equipping families in their pursuit of becoming intentional at home.  We live in a culture that devalues the family and pulls from every angle in an attempt to tear families apart.  We want to live as families where we are taking advantage of the moments that we are given to teach and disciple the younger generation.  We also want to live in such a way that we are able to minister to those that the Lord has placed in our path. We must be intentional with the hours that the Lord has given to us.  Cornerstone provides resources and ideas for families to grow together, serve together, pray together and become closer to our Lord.  
To begin today, we encourage you to view It Starts at Home by clicking 
here.  We also encourage you to attend parent/child conferences and family weekends at Pine Cove.  For more information about what is available, click here.

Here are three basic steps to begin living as an intentional family:

Step 1:
We encourage families to assess their level of intentionality every 120 days.  You can pick up a survey in the Cornerstone area to assess your level of intentionality.
Step 2:
Identify your family season and stop by the Cornerstone area in the back of the Calvary Sanctuary to pick up a pointer card that includes resources, insights and suggestions for specific family situations.  (Examples: Single-Should you pursue marriage?, Hope to Marry, Engaged, Building a Strong Marriage, Preparing for Baby, Intentional Parenting, Preparing for Adolescence, Launching Young Adults, The Empty Nest, Influencing Grandchildren, Blending Families, Choosing Your Child’s Schooling Options, Difficult Marriage, Difficult Teen, Discipline, Addiction, Adoption, Grieving, Finances, etc….)
Step 3:
Create a faith@home plan for the next 120 days.  During this spring, Calvary is focused on Prayer @ Home!  You may pick up a family prayer journal in the Cornerstone area to lead your family in becoming a family who prays together.
Please take advantage of the wonderful resources that are provided at Cornerstone.  If you ever have any questions or need additional resources, encouragement, or ideas for your family,  please feel free to contact the church office at