My name is Melissa Thornburg. My plan as a young woman was to be married, have one child, climb the corporate ladder, have the white picket fence and live happily ever after. Well, that was until I met Jesus in my early 30’s. That plan was not His plan for me at all!

So, let’s start again. I was married in June this year to Jerry. Between us we have 5 children, (4 boys and 1 girl…yes, prayers are welcomed always!! This parenting gig is not easy!) all of our children have very different personalities. Each one equipped with gifts we do not have. I am convinced The Lord uses these to sharpen us for His Glory each day. 

I left my high profile, time consuming corporate job in July of 2018 and left work in the corporate environment completely in October the same year to pursue the ministry Christ placed on my heart.  Currently, I spend most of  my “work” hours building lasting Jesus focused relationships with Tyler’s homeless community. You can find our family on most Saturdays  serving with Jesus Closet, a local ministry to Tyler; under the Gentry Bridge pouring out the love of Christ to those of the least of these. God brought Jerry and I together through this local ministry and our love for Him. We know this is the place God has planted us for the kingdom for now. 
When you find yourself at Calvary Baptist Church, you know I am near when children begin to randomly appear all around you! Those are our amazing CBC kids. Kids passionate about learning who Christ is and how to emulate Him to the world around them. I currently serve as the volunteer Children’s Ministry Coordinator here at Calvary and am excited for God to use one another to share in parenting challenges, petitions in prayer, praise, and worship. Teaching God’s love and promises with our children is so very important.  And when our young children are encouraged to idolize the world and avoid biblical truth, demonstrating my own faith in Jesus Christ and my devotion to His kingdom has an even greater impact in their lives. I’m glad you are here and I look forward to spending time with you.